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Nexon America reported that their versatile MMORPG, Maplestory M, has gotten another substance update. This update is now accessible to players.

New MapleStory Content

The update includes the entertainer Luminous, who crushed the Black Mage utilizing a sparkling pole as his essential weapon and a circle as his auxiliary weapon. As the most up to date saint to the game, he additionally accompanies a Flash Shower aptitude, which shoots a concentrated eruption of light at numerous foes. In any case, Luminous additionally has a clouded side, which he battles to keep under control.

With the new saint comes another occasion FIFA 20 coins through January 13, players who arrive at a specific level utilizing Luminous will get in-game things. There’s likewise a unique sign in occasion through January 6 and a 1+2 Burning occasion through January 13.

About the MapleStory Game

Maplestory M propelled in 2018 and brings the side-looking over universe of Maplestory to cell phones on U7buy . The game expects to offer unlimited measures of story journeys, customization, and manager assaults for fans to persistently have something to come back to while playing. It’s been accounted for that Maplestory M has gotten more than 10 million downloads inside its initial 100 days after dispatch.

On the off chance that you missed it, the game as of late got a joint effort occasion including characters from the anime.